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Tyler Campbell was born on October 26, 1986 in Houston, Texas, to Earl and Reuna Campbell.  Tyler recalls life-changing words learned from his father at an early age, “A Campbell Never Quits.” When confronted with life’s obstacles, this lesson provided strength and encouragement.


At an early age Tyler fell in love with the game of football.  It was not enough to follow in his father’s footsteps; he wanted a legacy of his own.  In the summer of 2005, this journey began upon receiving a football scholarship to San Diego State University. However, what was seemingly meant to place Tyler in harm’s way resulted in a newfound joy for serving others.

Tyler awoke in the middle of the night after playing the last game of his junior season in 2007.  Instead of rising to his feet, he fell facedown.  The right side of his body was paralyzed; his speech became slurred. Medical examinations confirmed multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of twenty-one. Doctors believed the disease to be manageable; they cleared him to continue to play football.

Tyler graduated early from SDSU with a Business Management Degree.  The native Texan played well in all 12 football games during his senior season. Following a stellar performance at the NFL pro day at SDSU in the Spring of 2009, symptoms of multiple sclerosis resurfaced.   The severity of the symptoms caused Tyler’s doctors to explain that his football career must be terminated. Tyler vowed not to become a victim of his circumstances.  After returning to Texas, he discovered God’s calling and became an ambassador for The National Multiple Sclerosis Society.  Being equipped with a powerful testimony.  Tyler has become a spokesperson for empowering, inspiring and motivating messages of confidence and self-worth; messages that lift the human spirit and change one’s perspectives on life.

Tyler, a graduate of San Diego State University, is proudly married to Shana Campbell. They are the parents of one son, Messiah Campbell.  The Campbell family resides in Texas.

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