HAPPY SUNDAY: Time to get back to the basics!!!! Researchers say that horseback riding may help balance, fatigue and pain that is experienced from MS. I have no idea if it’s true but sitting on top of a horse gives me peace. Sweet T it’s time for us to start riding off into the sunset once again. #findpeace #grabahobby #theloneranger #cowboyup #multiplesclerosis #beatms #boss #tcspeaks

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It has not been easy over the last year and to be honest as well as transparent I have had my slip ups diet wise. I am someone who has battled high blood pressure since I was 20. Those numbers on the screen almost brought me to tears. Your body is your temple, treat it right and it will be good to you. Still a long way to go, but we are all more than conquerors. True wealth is in your health. Never feel it is too late to change some eating habits, in fact you will be right on time. #candidadiet #ontherighttrack #beatms #boss #tcspeaks

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